Hand-in Help Application for ANBI status for a foreign organisation

In order to submit an ANBI application, you must meet certain criteria and provide the relevant documents. Please read this submission aid carefully and provide us with all the information requested.

Organisation name:

Organisation's business address:


Applicant's Name:



Checklist conditions


Check the checklist below to see if your organisation meets the requirements mentioned. Send us the completed tick list. We will then check whether you meet the necessary requirements. If this is the case, your organization may be eligible for ANBI status. If not, we can look at possible changes your organization can make to meet the necessary requirements.

0.         90% of the organisations  activities serve the public interest.

0          The institution is a non-profit organisation

0          All those involved in the organization meet  the integrity requirement (have not had a conviction in the past 4 years)

0          No (legal) or natural person can  dispose of the assets of the organisation as if they were their own

0          No director/policymaker has a majority vote/veto in control of the assets

0          The institution has a website or other online location on which mandatory data can be published

0          The assets of the ANBI are limited to what is reasonably necessary for activities beneficial to the objectives of the organization.

0          There is an up-to-date policy plan (if there is no up-to-date policy plan, we can help you write/update it)   

0          The remuneration for policymakers is no greater than an expense allowance or a (minimal) attendance fee.

Required documents


When applying for ANBI status, in addition to meeting the conditions, you -as an non-Dutch organization- are required to provide a number of documents. The documents may be submitted in Dutch, English, French or German. Is your organization based and registrered in The Netherlands (at the KvK)? Then you only have to send in the policy plan.

1.              A copy of the instrument of incorporation or a similar document proving the legal status of your institution

2.              Copy of the by-laws (statutes)

3.              Copy of the last financial statements and an explanatory note thereto (annual financial report).

4.              An overview with names and addresses of the directors.

5.              An up-to-date policy plan (click here for a template of a policy plan).

6.              Does the organization have a similar status to ANBI in the country of residence? A copy of your tax office's tax statement and an extract of the institution's registration in a commercial register.

7.              A copy of the identity document of the person signing the application.

8.              A copy of the statutory (civil) provisions of your country/state on the basis of which the institution was established.

Further steps

Send the completed checklist and requested documents to your contact person.

Don't wait too long: articles of association may need to be drawn up, a website developed, or a policy plan written.

Do you need any help with this? We can provide these services.

If the requirements are met and the requested attachments are complete, we can start the ANBI application. Within 8 weeks of submitting the application, you should receive a definite answer regarding your application.  In the event of a rejection, an appeal is possible.

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