Child care benefit

If you have children who go to childcare, you may be entitled to childcare allowance. This allowance is a contribution to the costs you incur for childcare.

Child care benefit

How much childcare benefit can I receive?

The amount of the allowance that is received depends on your income and that of your possible tax partner, the number of hours that your child goes to daycare and the hours that you work. The Tax and Customs Administration developed a tool that gives you an indication of the amount of childcare allowance to which you are entitled. By filling in a number of details, it is calculated how much allowance you may receive about the purchased or to be purchased care. You can make a test calculation here.

What conditions do I have to meet to be eligible for childcare allowance?

*You have the Dutch nationality or a valid residence permit or live in an EU country, Norway, Iceland or Liechtenstein; 
*At least 1 child lives in your house; 
*This child goes to a childcare organization in the municipality of residence; 
*The child does not yet go to secondary education; 
*You or your partner pay the costs for childcare; 
*You work (in employment or as a self-employed person); 
*You will receive a contribution from the municipality or UWV on the basis of the Childcare Act.

How can I apply for the allowance?

You can apply for childcare allowance directly on the website of the Tax and Customs Administration. You do this by logging in with your Digid at ‘mijn toeslagen’ of the Tax Authorities. You can also get an application form at the Tax Telephone: 0800 - 0543. Moneywood can also apply for childcare allowance on your behalf.

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